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Hello! We are E.C.G.C. East Coast GhostHunters Club. We do investigations in the Paranormal and Psychical research field. Our main goal is to try to prove that Life After Death is real. Our club is currently doing investigations and taking requests, to investigate suspected hauntings of homes and businesses. We have had many opportunities to investigate and many hours in the field ,researching and studying this unknown area. For some people that live with hauntings we would like to help them by doing an investigation and help them validate what they know to be true. On this web site, we will introduce our club and give examples of our work. Here we will post some of our pictures we have taken from our investigations and ghost stories. Also, we will let you know where we will be going next and what we have found. We also would like to give you the opportunity to contact us if you want an investigation or if you would like to join our club. Be sure to get in touch to offer comments. If you would like to submit a picture for us to post on the site or if you have a story to share please e-mail it to, with a brief description of what you have captured, and what was going on at the time. Keep sending. We love to see what you discover.

We have Investigators from many different states. If you need help I am sure we can find someone close to you. Look on our contact link. If your state is close to us or is not there, we know many others groups for you to get in touch with. We are all here to help you with your paranormal experiences.


. Ecto picture taken during Gettysburg Investigation

Ecto Picture taken during our Gettysburg Investigation


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