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This is a summary of past events and a calendar of upcoming activities.


We will be going back to the Rhinecliff Hotel once again for the second time on Monday night, 10/30/02. Our first time proved to be a great experience, and we were very happy with our results. We got great stories from the owner and people who work and live there, as well as, our own. We also got an EVP with banging on it when there was no banging to be heard with our own ears. Also, we did a seance and made contact with a spirit. It was answering us in taps on an old dresser. We did get 2 pictures with something on them. Please check out our Ghost Stories, Investigations, and Pictures links for the details. And we will keep you up to date on our second trip as well.

We have an upcoming investigation this weekend at a Hotel/Bar in Rhincliff, New York. The Rhinecliff Hotel/Bar was built in 1839, and it is said to be haunted by at least three ghost that we know of, maybe more. It does have a very long history. It was at one time a speakeasy. There are stories of doors opening and closing, someone walking around, and the foot steps are from no one you can see or find. There are also stories of people seeing shadows walking around, etc. We will let you know what we find out.


Due to some scheduling problems, we were unable to do our investigation at the Farnsworth Hotel in Gettysburg, PA. at this time. We are rescheduling at a later date. We will keep you posted as to when that will be. Check back soon.