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Our trip to Gettysburg PA, was both amazing and awe inspiring! The men that fought and died there was just an overwhelming thought! And as far as ghostly activity... YES, there is a lot of it to be found! We got amazing pitures of ecto. One was at the Gettysburg Hotel and the other was at Sach's Bridge (They are on the pictures link to the left). We got pictures of lights in the darkened fields (It was pitch black). And no one was around us at the time . We were completely alone after dark. We were at a field called Triangular Field. When we got there and entered the gates to the field and as we walked down its path, we felt cold spot after cold spot! It was like walking into walls of cold. It was mid to the upper 80's outside. The cold spots felt like about 40 to 50 degrees. The weird thing about the cold spots was if you took one little step to the right or left it was gone! But if you went back to that spot it was there! They seemed to be about 3 to 4 feet apart from each other. They went all the way down to the end of the field near the woods. If it was the wind you would feel it all the way down, not every so often and in that exact spot. If you moved inches you did not feel it. We also got two EVP's (recordings) of echoing gun shots when none was heard with our own ears. There was no one around us at the time. And no re-enactment was going on at the time either.

Gettysburg is an amazingly powerful place for our spirit friends. These men that were heroes want to be remembered and show themselves in all kinds of ways to us there. I would hope everyone can some day visit there and maybe see or feel the heroes of our Civil War, or to just stop and take the time to remember and give honor for what they did for us there all those years ago.

One day in passing I was talking to a doctor in the medical field and the subject was ghosts. I had asked him if he believed and his answer was, "well I do now". He proceeded to tell me his story. He said one night he was at a friend's house for dinner with some other couples and the topic was ghosts. Some of the people that were there said they do not believe at all while some said they did. The owners of the house had made the comment, "our house is haunted". With that came some chuckles and giggles. But as they talked there was a plate in the center of the table with crackers and cheese on it. The plate just lifted up and flew off the table and busted all over. And the host said to their company, "I guess he did not like to be laughed at". They were all stunned. The doctor told me up until that night he had not believed in ghosts until he had seen it with his own eyes.

This story is a bit scary. As my friend told the story this is what happened. She had just moved into an apartment complex and had met her neighbor across the hall. The neighbor's husband had just died a few months before. She had always said she loved her husband a lot, but he was a hard, mean man. So, the neighbor was just now getting around to getting rid of some of her husband's things. So my friend had taken from her a computer stand and another lady in the building took a TV stand. Well now our fantasic psychic Nicci is also a very good friend also of my friend. She had come to visit her that day and walked into her apartment. And she said, "Where have you been today and did you buy anything new?" Now she had no idea of the computer stand at all. So, my friend said "No, not really, I just got a computer stand from the lady across the hall, other than that I have been home all. Why?" Then Nicci said, "Well you brought something evil in with you, I can feel it". Now at this time of the discussion, a picture of Jesus that she had on the wall, lifted up off its nail and fell to the floor. My friend just stood there and looked in shock. So, Nicci said they had to get rid of the computer stand, that the husband was there with it and he had to go!!! So they took it out to the trash and came back and did a cleansing of the house, and all was ok.

But........ A few days later they saw the other lady that had gotten the TV stand, and in talking to the lady she said, "This may sound weird, but for the past couple of days things have been falling off my wall, and it is creeping me out!" Needless to say it was the husband. He was in her house too with the TV stand. So, they too took the TV stand to the trash and did a cleansing on her apartment also. There has been no more bad things that have happened since.

I will tell this next story word for word as I recieved it. This story is from my niece's boyfriend. When I was 5 years old, I was sleeping and I woke up sometime in the morning. When I looked in front of me I saw a man standing there with a hat, he was very tall and looking back at me. I ran into my mom's room and I stopped and he turned around and smiled. About a year later, my mom was dating some guy who used to abuse her. One night, I was suppose to sleep in my bedroom, but he,the guys she was dating, said, "No", and made me sleep on the couch. Later that night I woke up and he was being dragged across the apartment by his hair. I was then picked up and I was just floating in the air, and placed next to my mother.

A few years went by..... I was 8 or 9 years old.... Me and my cousin was told to go down stairs and lock the door. We both went, and we heard a voice and it said, "Take my ring off". We turned around and literally saw JUST a hand with a ring coming towards us. We both ran up stairs as fast as we could.

Another few years went by. My aunt was living in a house, and one night me and my cousin heard things in the attic and no one was up there. We both decided to check it out and I saw the most disturbing thing any human could see (getting the chills here). We both saw bodies in the attic but they were hung from the ceiling. It was a very nasty sight, and we both stood there for a few seconds and then ran downstairs.

When i was 15 years old, my mom was in her room and I was in mine. I suddenly heard her talking to someone and I knew no one was in the house, nor did the phone ring, so I decided to check it out...when I opened the door, she was laying there looking up, and there he was again, the same guy that i saw when i was 5 years old. He looked over at me and just smiled. I asked my mom who he was, and she said it was a man that she knew. She talked to him from time to time, and said that he was our guardian angel. When i was 19 years old, I called his name for like 2 months. My mom told me not to call him because the person I was calling might not be him. I got tired of calling his name and one summer night I happen to wake up to a man's voice behind me. I was really scared so I didn't turn around but the voice was saying, "I'm here, I'm here". I was scared and sweating and never turned around. In 1992, my cousin was killed and it was a murder. After he died, one day at my aunt's house, we noticed the picture frames on the TV were being moved and the next thing I heard was my aunt say, "Carlos is here". Of course, I believed her. Well, that's it for now and if i know i'm missing something, I'll email you again.
Please look at our pictures page to see him at a family wedding, He is my niece's boyfriend.

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