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Located in Rhinecliff New York, Sits along side the  beautiful historic Hundson River. It was built in 1839 to 1842, it has a very long history with its surroundings of scenic charm. Currently it is still open for buissness and operates as a Hotel/ Bar. In the past it was a Lavish Hotel with many of fine people and grand parties. At one time in its past it was said to be a speakeasy at one point. Then went back to a Grand Hotel. The owners now Are a Father, Son team. The Father is 83 years young, and in his early 20's he owned it with his Father. So it is 3 generations owned. They have told us of many of happenings that go on there, as well as some of the people who now rent and live in some of the rooms, and the workers. They all in total about 9 of them have a story or an experience to share. The stories were all amazing!
Please check out our Ghost Stories link for more on them.
We spent 9 hours there with much results. We got a good EVP of things banging when none was herd with our own ears, on the second and third floor. I have left my redorder on the third floor and my partner left hers on the second floor and we both got the recording of the same thing.
We also held a Seance in the attic. We did for sure make contact with a Female spirit, we knew this because she answered us with tapping. One tap for yes, two taps for no. It was an amazing experience.
The rumors of the ghost are.... A feamale that had got killed when it was a speakeasy, A man that died near the Hotel on train tracks that wonders at the Hotle and near by locations,  A man and woman that had got married at the Hotel and spent their honeymoon night there, he died from an unknown cause and is said she walks around looking for him, and at last the owners have said that many of people have died there in the past from natural causes.
So now  this place is very active and it has a number of ghost that still walk in this once Grand Hotel looking for something or someone that we may never know  the answers to why?
If you are ever in the Hudson Valley New York area I strongly recommend a visit to this establishment for a good time or a paramormal experience..

Well the frist thing I want to say is, how much these men were all brave heroes!!!!!No matter what side they were on, the faught very hard and believed in their cause! And to give your life the way they did was brave and heroic. Gettysburg changed my life and those in our group. We will never for get our trip! And we all are drawn to go back many many times!
 The thought of all the horrible bloodshed everywhere you went was enough to bring any one to tears! I had a sense of awe and a strange feeling the very second I got there. It was so thick in the air, I would imagine that any one that would go there would feel it too.We did get very interesting pictures that I will post. And we got two EVP's echoing gun shots on the fields. But none was herd with our own ears. And no re-enactments was going on at the time and no one else was around us. I hope to be able to put the EVP's up as soon as I can for you to hear for yourself. It was incredible! I recommend for all to visit there just once to honor our falling heroes from the Civil War!
I Have more stories on our trip on the stories link on the home page.


We were in a eatery located in Historical Kingston New York. This whole town at one time was burned down to the ground by the Red Coats in the Revolutionary War. The buildings on this road  dates back to the 1800's and before. It has shops and places to eat on both sides of the road. Very nice to go make a day of it there.

Any way. .. this place we were at, the owner has said it has been very active for as long as he has been there. Things like pictures falling, lights going out or busting, doors being locked or unlocked, and glasses and dishes being knocked off the shelves and broken. So we did an investigation there. Our EMF meters went off in the basement, which gave us a good idea that it was indeed haunted. At the time they went off, the door leading out of the basement had slowly closed, but not all they way. As if the ghost wanted us to know where he was and to follow him. So we did, and lost his trail. Our meters just stopped. We did take recordings (EVP"S) and we got something on there, we are not real sure what he says but it is something to the fact about the lights. (I will get the evps to this site as soon as I can for you to hear yourself).

We did how ever get one really good picture of who we think is there. It seems to be a man . In the picture he is in the door and looks to have on some kind of old long coat or maybe a uniform from the time. You will notice you can only see his body from the waist up with no head. Maybe he does not want any one to really know who he is. But from our night with him we can say for sure he wants people to know he is there.

Man in the door

Location is Shokan, New York. This is a private home. We had got the call from the owner asking us to come out to do an investigation into the ghosts she believes they have there.She has told us that her kids ( three little boys) and herself has all seen and heard the ghost.The husband did not believe till one day ,he went into the baby's room to get his son out of the crib. When he had noticed that there was an impression of a head and bigger head then his sons laying next to the baby on the pillow.
When we were there sitting at the table talking about the ghost, her oldest son age 7. was talking to our EMF meters as if he was thinking by doing that he could talk to the ghost that we were talking about. We thought this was very cute and were joking, when all of a sudden the meters went crazy. We had two of them on the table turned on! With giving no reading at all! ( And if you know or don't know about EMF meters, if you get a reading from say a man made thing like a microwave ect....the meters stay on and give a constant reading. Not a on and off reading ). I have never seen anything like this ever!!!!! The little boy would ask a question to one of the meters ( like what is your name?, are you happy here? things like that). And the other meter would go off like crazy and answer. Then stop till he asked another question. We were all amazed. We even switched the meters around and again it would do the same thing. He would talk to one meter and the other would answer. This lasted about 15 minutes. ( with us makeing sure the meters were still on at all times ) Then it stopped as suddenly as it started. Like I had said we were all amazed. We got an EVP (recording) of this activity. Our pictures we took during this all came out black. Nothing can be seen in the pictures. All of our flashes worked. We had three different camras and all three of the pictures from this time all came out black. The rest of the pictures from the investigation all came out fine, except for when the ghost was talking with the kids.
So we told the owners that it was for sure she has a ghost there and that it was very much involved with the kids and watched over them even. This is a very nice spirit and the owners are glad it is there to help watch over the boys.
We did get three pictures of little orbs in them, and one with a face in a window. ( We plan to go back there again very soon to try to make contact with the spirit again). But it chose to talk and show it self through the meters. Which I am still amazed at. We never can predict how they will try to make contact with us.

Face in the window, above the chair

Enlarged view of the picture above
Face in the window, above the chair

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